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The Dental Equipment


All our instruments are signed CE and exceed the requirements of the norms in security according the law 626.

The equipment in our dental studio is the newest available on the market.

The electrical system in our dental studio are according the latest norms and is controlled by an engineer. Besides that we also receive regulare check ups by a specialized company.

Our radiographs are controlled by an expert  who is qualified in these special equipments. It is checked that it works correctly and that less radiation is confirmed.

The drills and micromotors have optical fibres to ensure a better vision during surgery.

Besides that the patient feels more comfortable during treatment because less vibrations are caused. Dr. Cattozzo does his surgeries with microscopic loupes which are recommended for intricate surgical and dental procedures where high magnification is necessary.

The precision of work under microscopic view ensures incomparable treatment quality.

Our equipment in the dental studios gets renewed periodically according the latest technical innovations offered on the market.

Our Equipment...
Click on the pictures to enlarge them. You will find a short description of each item we use in our dental studio.

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